Oct 23
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Katie Hickson, Horse Talk TV's presenter is fighting for her life!

'Click Here' to see her Go Fund Me page and help her beat ovarian cancer

Day of Ultrasound Diognosis 2015-03-06



Click Here to read Katie's Jounal and follow her story 

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Last Wishes

It is with a breaking heart that I write to let you all know that Katie died at 4am
Sunday the 21st of February


Katie faced the end with the remarkable strength, courage, determination, control and dignity that have been the hallmarks of her life and of her year long battle with ovarian cancer.


I would encourage you all to take the time to view her video here in which she talks about the signs to be aware of regarding ovarian cancer. It may save your life or that of a woman you love.



Katie requested to keep Go Fund Me Campaign going for a week after her passing so it will end midnight this Saturday the 27th of February to allow time for those of you who have not yet donated but wish to do so to help her with her end of life expenses, including her funeral. You can also assist by sharing this campaign link https://www.gofundme.com/help-katie-beat-it with your social networks on Facebook, Twitter etc.


Thanks you for your support, encouragement and love.

Our family has been so touched by your generosity and care at this difficult time.


Love Julie Hickson

You can also read my full post  here on the HorseTalk TV Facebook Page


Meet the Team

Katie Hickson Producer DirectorCourage is being “rooly rooly” scared ……
but jumping in anyway

My Favourite Quote: 

"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave
with the intention of arriving safely,
in an attractive and well preserved body ….
but rather to skid in sideways,
champagne in one hand – strawberries in the other,
body thoroughly used up, totally worn out,
and screaming  WOO HOO – What a Ride!”

What a heck of ride the creation of Horse Talk TV has turned out to be! 

I’m originally a city born kid who had no rural or horsey background who got the horse bug at 13, and never got over it. My first horse was an ancient broken down old riding school nag that my mum scraped a few hundred dollars together to buy me, that I thought was the most beautiful and gallant steed in the entire world.

I went on in my adult years to become a professional horse breaker, re-habilitating abused and problem horses and starting young horses, working in the Hawkesbury district near Sydney.

Katie breaking in Kali Like a lot of people working with horses I found it hard at times to make a living out of my passion and I notched up a few impressive injuries along the way so I left horse training behind in 2004 to go and  ‘finally make a decent living’ in the world of corporate sales.

katie at Richmond odeThe idea of Horse Talk TV was born out of the burning desire to get back into the industry I loved. I really missed working with horses and knew I just HAD to get back to working with them somehow. This time however I wanted to create something that combined my artistic side with my love of horse training, which would also reach out to the wider horse community. Voila! … Suddenly the idea of Horse Talk TV was born.

So here I am in the very new world of TV production and loving every minute of it! 

Horse Talk TV aims to bring you a really professional horse TV show that educates and entertains and even opens up a bit of controversy now and then.

See you on a TV station in your area!




Now "Meet The Team" that made it all happen!

Julie Hickson --  Associate Producer – Series One & Two

Julie Hickson has a lifetime of experience in the Arts and Entertainment Industry. In her youth she sang, played the flute and acted. She was a member of youth orchestras and bands, appeared on TV and, after a nation-wide search, was chosen by the founder of Festival Records as a protégé to the (then) famous Australian singer Christine Roberts. After leaving uni she joined Queensland's agit-prop Popular Theatre Troupe as an actor and musician, touring the East coast of Australia.

She spent 4 years as a senior officer of the Federal Branch of Actors Equity of Australia, 4 years at ABC Radio National and was Co-Founder and Administrator of Melbourne Workers Theatre before establishing her own Music Management company where she spent 13 years as exclusive manager of the legendary Archie Roach and Ruby Hunter who were signed to Mushroom Records.
She has coordinated and managed numerous national and international tours including remote and regional Australia, the USA, UK, Europe and Asia, has worked with record companies, music publishers, major festivals, record, film, TV and video producers, sound, lighting and recording engineers, all levels of government, the private sector, unions, community groups and the media. She has been responsible for marketing and promotion, contract negotiation, budgets and finance, fund-raising and merchandising. She has written articles for publication, given papers and addresses at seminars and conferences, designed and conducted workshops for tertiary students and adults and has worked closely with Aboriginal communities all over Australia. She was a board member of both the Australia Council for the Arts Theatre Board and the Victorian Ministry of the Arts Drama panel.
She has always been very happy that her sister Katie has a passion for horses as she, herself, is not exactly an expert. She loves, admires and is very moved by horses and therein lies the problem. She has been moved right off the top of them on one or two occasions, so she is very glad to have the sure, secure and expert guidance of her sister whenever sitting astride 1,000 pounds of magnificent horse.
She is loving working on Horse Talk TV.

"Riding: The art of keeping a horse between you and the ground."

Shannon Browning -- Assistant Editor – Series 2

Shannon Browning is an alumni of KvB Design college, holding a Diploma in Graphic Design. He has worked in the design and advertising fields as a Graphic Designer for over 10 years.ShannonBrowning

His self-published comic book, Welcome to Woodville, which he wrote and created the artwork for, was a Ledger award nominee. Shannon's ongoing book, RoboToon, continues to be a favourite with peers and fans on the Australian Comic Circuit.

Shannon has had a love of cinema his entire life. In a professional capacity, Shannon has worked as crew on numerous Australian productions. including the 'Open Mike' television series with renowned director Marc Sheffler. Shannon has also worked as cameraman for 'Horse Talk TV' and 'The Cult of the Cat' documentary, as well as independent short film productions. Personally, Shannon has been filming and editing productions since 2003. His short film 'The Lot' was a finalist in the Shortsited film festival in 2009. In 2010, he won first place in the Itrek 'The travel agent is dead' video competition with his entry 'Fortune Teller'. His short film 'Chaos Theory' which screened at the Dungog Film festival, brought praise from industry professionals from Kennedy Miller and Templar Entertainment. Shannon was a winner of the 2010 Jameson Screenwriter Competition for his Screenplay "Customer Service', which is going into production in late 2010.' Shannon began production of 'STABTV', a web based TV show, in 2010.

Shannon currently works as both a designer and video producer. He also works as an extra in many Sydney based film and Television productions. Shannon continues to write and draw comic books in his spare time.

Website link - www.stabsite.com

Bek Schultz -- Reporter


Bek Schultz is a talented rider having worked in the racing industry as a track work rider. She is also a keen eventer. Bek is a gifted horse trainer and has her own business starting young horses using gentle techniques. Bek is a regular face on Horse Talk TV both as a reporter for our stories and as the host of our "Make My Horse a Star" competition. She brings a fresh youthful point of view and is a valued member of the team.

Tara Brown --  Reporter

Tara Brown

Tara Brown brings a lifetime of horse experience and performing on stage, in front of the camera and on the small screen to her role as a reporter for Horse Talk TV. She is also a multi International - Award winning Equine Artist with work in collections throughout the world. Tara continually supports the Equine communities by donating her Artwork to societies and organisations throughout the year.
For a look at her beautiful artwork click in this link .

Heidi Hartwig --  Reporter


Heidi is a rider and horse lover and has been filming horses for 12 years. Operating as Top Cat Productions, Heidi has captured many premier horse events around NSW as well as producing horse care videos and beautiful stud and for sale videos for horse owners. To purchase a copy of Top Cat Productions new Horse Care DVD call Heidi on 0424 595317 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 0424 595317 end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

Taimur Rahim -- Camera/Editing


Taimur Rahim has worked as a television director for three years. After studying film and television in Canada, he joined CNBC television and produced and directed various entertainment and news related programs. He has recently finished his Masters degree in Film and Digital Image at the University of Sydney and is now part of a diligent team at Horse Talk TV and he is dedicated to bringing our viewers high end television camera work & Editing.

Paul Denham -- Camera


Paul Denham brings many years of TV and video production experience to Horse Talk TV. Paul is well know for his camera work on Foxtel's Country Music Channel and has filmed and edited many music videos & short films.
Paul is a new arrival to the team at Horse Talk TV and his quality camera work is a real asset to the show.

Nolan Chow --  Camera


Nolan is an established cameraman & editor with several shows at TVS Sydney. He shoots and edits the popular series "Yianni's - City Life" a TV show based in Sydney, but also has audiences in Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne. He is also a camera man & editor on 'Joys World' another long running series on TVS.

Prashant Prakash -- Camera


Prashant is a masters graduate of Sydney University Film & TV school and filmed some of our earlier episodes. He also did a wonderful job of editing our first ever video podcast - "The Racewood Dressage Simulator". Prashant is a talented camera man & editor we are sure he will be a great success in the fillm & TV industry.

Michael Allen -- Video Photographer


Camera man, Shearer, organic gardener, farmer and fitter machinist, Mick has worn many different hats over the years. Affectionately known to his friends as "Mad" Mick, Mick weathered the cold, wind and heat protected only by his faithful old flannie shirt to film some of the early footage for us in the first stages of Horse Talk TV – all on a voluntary basis (thank you Mick!)

Mick co- produced 'The Tonight Show' with Jason Ross currently airing on TVS (C31) in Sydney and also co-produced and wrote skits for 'Down and Out' a successful comedy programme on TVS.

Jan Ellis -- Editing


After winning two All-African Vita awards for his early performances in Film and twenty prolific years as actor/writer/producer/teacher in South African Theatre and Television, all-rounder Ellis moved to Sydney, Australia, in 2007 to focus on adding Editing to his list of multiple skills.

While studying the craft, he worked for the well-known Screen Resource NGO, Metro Screen, coordinating its Youth Media Programme. One of the short films he produced through the programme, Dry Water: The Making Of, won first prize at Trop Junior early in 2009.

As Video Editor, Ellis has delivered highlights clips for podcasts of the Sydney Film Festival and the inaugural Red Bull Junior Surf Masters Series, the first season of the Equestrian lifestyle-Television-show, Horse Talk TV as well as a short film, The Blazing Guns, currently on the international festival circuit. He also freelanced for Australia's leading online streaming company, Viocorp, travelling to Barcelona to publish online video for Microsoft's annual Tech Ed Conference.

Added to these new ventures, he continues to write regular episodes for the popular South African daily drama series, 'Binnelanders', one of the many Television productions he has also starred in as an actor.

Apart from writing and producing six plays touring nationally and to great acclaim across South Africa, Ellis has performed leading in supporting roles in 25 stage productions. He has temporarily returned to South Africa to perform a leading role in Yasmina Reza's Tony Award Winning God of Carnage in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Mario Calderone -- Musician - Composer - Production Assistant

mario calderone  - march 2009 011 484 x 644

Mario is an accomplished guitarist who has played in several bands since his teens and is currently recording music for his new band Fightmasta.

He has collaborated with Mitch Wright in composing original music for Horse Talk TV some of which is featured on our site.

Mario had been the 'right hand man' behind the scene and integral to the creation of Horse Talk TV in many ways, ranging from contributing start up funding, managing lighting and sound equipment at film shoots, to running back to the car to get 'that piece of gear' we forgot to bring onto the set. This project would have been impossible without him.

Thank you Mojo Man!

Mitch Wright -- Musician – Composer - Audio production/engineering


Mitch is an accomplished musician and brings over 20 years of experience in live music production /performance, audio production/engineering and direction/editing of visual mediums to Horse Talk TV.

Mitch collaborated on composing, playing and recording the original theme music for Horse Talk TV. (Go to our home page to listen to some of his work).

Mitch can be seen rocking the pubs around Sydney with his band Southpaw.

Anthony Leighton -- Photographer

Anthony Leighton

Anthony has had a life long love of horses and has worked with horses for the last 16 yrs. He has been a dressage rider, show groom and worked as a groom with the mounted police. He is also a talented dancer and entertainer.

Anthony has been photographing horses for some years now and his photography has grown from a hobby to producing professional horse portraits and wildlife and landscape shots.

Anthony has taken many of the beautiful photos you can see on our site. To see more examples of Anthony's work visit his web site via our link.

Tanya Selby -- Photography


Tanya joined the Horse Talk team in July and has always had a love of photography but really began taking it seriously at the end of 2007, during her 3 year stay in London.

Since returning to Sydney in late October 2008, it was only natural that she specialise in equine (and animal) photography, having been brought up around horses her whole life.

Her first photography competition entered was at the Hawkesbury Show 2009 and she was awarded first place in the "Mini print – any theme" category for her photo entitled "Hero".

For a sneak peak of some of her work, please click on this link

Bethany Hardy-Smith -- Makeup Artist and hair stylist


Although Bethany enjoys all aspects of hair and makeup she has found her calling within the Film And Television industry allowing her to encompass all aspects of the artistry, she has a high appreciation and love for the entertainment industry and has continued to progress in both Film and tv after studying at 3 arts makeup college in Sydney. Working with Horsetalk Tv has allowed her to combine both her passion for hair and makeup with her passion for riding, Working with HTTV has also given her a higher understanding of the industry and appreciation to the work and commitment that goes on behind the scenes to see through a project like HTTV.

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