Oct 21
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Katie Hickson, Horse Talk TV's presenter is fighting for her life!

'Click Here' to see her Go Fund Me page and help her beat ovarian cancer

Day of Ultrasound Diognosis 2015-03-06



Click Here to read Katie's Jounal and follow her story 

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Last Wishes

It is with a breaking heart that I write to let you all know that Katie died at 4am
Sunday the 21st of February


Katie faced the end with the remarkable strength, courage, determination, control and dignity that have been the hallmarks of her life and of her year long battle with ovarian cancer.


I would encourage you all to take the time to view her video here in which she talks about the signs to be aware of regarding ovarian cancer. It may save your life or that of a woman you love.



Katie requested to keep Go Fund Me Campaign going for a week after her passing so it will end midnight this Saturday the 27th of February to allow time for those of you who have not yet donated but wish to do so to help her with her end of life expenses, including her funeral. You can also assist by sharing this campaign link https://www.gofundme.com/help-katie-beat-it with your social networks on Facebook, Twitter etc.


Thanks you for your support, encouragement and love.

Our family has been so touched by your generosity and care at this difficult time.


Love Julie Hickson

You can also read my full post  here on the HorseTalk TV Facebook Page


Mission Statement

Horse Talk TV aims to entertain and educate people interested in horses through our TV programmes and our web format. Our show is targeted to general viewers, the equine community, equine clubs, organisations and equine businesses. We aim to become Australia's leading Equine TV media production company and to provide the Australian Horse Community with a much needed voice and  presence on national free-to-air TV. We aim to expand our broadcasting to other countries while maintaining our unique "Australian' flavour.

We believe in promoting humane and ethical  treatment of horses by providing education for horse owners and by giving exposure to individuals and organisations promoting horse welfare via our TV show and web site.

We maintain a high degree of honesty and integrity in our relationship with the horse community, our sponsors and our advertisers and strive to help strengthen the bonds between the broad spectrums of the equine world. We endevour to contribute towards building a strong Australian Equine Community by giving a wide variety of horse people, horse organisations, horse breeds, and horse sports the opportunity to bring their stories to the world.

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