Feb 12
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Katie Hickson, Horse Talk TV's presenter is fighting for her life!

'Click Here' to see her Go Fund Me page and help her beat ovarian cancer

Day of Ultrasound Diognosis 2015-03-06



Click Here to read Katie's Jounal and follow her story 

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Viewers Comments

Brilliant and very enjoyable.  Well done to you and your team.
Look forward to the rest of the series.


Just caught your first episode on TVS. Wonderful, wonderful stuff!! So interesting and engaging that my totally non horsey father stayed in the room AND glued to the TV. Thankyou for putting such a fantastic show together. I just love that your show already displays so much more than the jolly old show ring which is probably where most non horsey people see horses these days - at the local Ag show and so on.
So thanks again and congratulations on a fantastic show!


That was so much fun!!!! About time we had a proper horsey show on TV, congrats and WELL DONE!!
Cheers Elle

Horse Talk TV received the 'thumbs up' from people on the various forums, such as Cyberhorse, Western Horse Forum, Qld Riders, etc
Leanne Owens

Thank you for such a great show. I have been telling all my horsey friends about it. Just fantastic. To have this available via mainstream TV would be even better. I am not digital and download after the episode has aired. My connection speed is not fantastic as I live out of the city area so viewing can be a bit slow at times. Still worth it, such a great show. Please keep it up!

I would just like to say what a wonderful job you are doing with the show and how great the prizes and people are on the show.
laura patterson

Fantastic! :) The show is an excellent insight into many and varied Horse activities.The presenters are confident and easy to watch/listen to and the photography is excellent. I hope that many further episodes can be developed for future watching. Maybe visits to Equestrian Facilities eg. Trail Riding Establishments, or Riding Schools, RDA etc.. so that people know where to go and the activities available for them before they own a horse as wel as how to get  lessons etc after they buy their horse.

Keep up the great work! Am going to buy the DVD's as a resource. Many thanks from a Tassie Horse Lover,

Happy Horsing, always,

Nan Catmur


Finally a horse TV show that pony club kids can watch. I only hope you cover the sporting side as well not just dressage showjumping and eventing. Once again thank you
Allen Zahnow

Congratulations on winning the Antenna Award for “Outstanding Information or Lifestyle Programme”  Katie!  It’s no wonder you won!  The show is fantastic!!  Looking forward to seeing the next series!

 From all of us @ NagNagNag Trail Riding


Australia finally has a show relating to all aspects of horse's and their care something that has been lacking for us in the equine field, be it hobby, showing, safety around horses and for horses. All fields of equine interest are covered with the viewer import of 'Make My Horse a Star'. We have been lacking this in the TV media for so long I can't wait for your show to be on each week. Even us oldies like me can always pick up interesting interviews and tips.  Your show needs to be seen Australia wide I have told a friend in New Zealand to keep an eye out for your show.  Unfortunately a friend of mine is unable to get the show as her digital reception is poor and she would like to see regional channels taking this show it suits the young, and old alike. Keep up the good work.